Our Purpose

Over 25 million people in the country are suffering from some form of disability. DRZYASHAKTI’s vision is to empower the differently-abled by creating awareness, providing education, supporting in employment and skilling them in various art forms.

We aim to build their confidence, empoweringit.medadvice.net them, bringing them to the mainstream and moving the needle towards an INCLUSIVE society


Our Journey

We firmly believe there are no accidents, winterberries slot for us playersbut rather providence. Extending helping-hand to reestablish a distraught and left-to-fend-for themselves group of differently-abled wheel chair bound performing artists made us think. https://fr.medadvice.net/ “They are not the only ones!” echoed deafeningly in our minds. There are lakhs of people with all sorts of disabilities, yet immense potential – visually challenged, speech and hearing impaired, autism, www.es.medadvice.net/clerel-skin/learning disabled and many more.

We got thinking, “What can just two of us do?” We turned to Loren Eiseley’s inspirational The Star Thrower story. We may not be able to impact the lives of every differently-abled, but definitely to one, two, hundred or thousands.

Ms. Geeta Poduval, the Founder-Trustee took the leap of faith and completely abandoned her established and growing entertainment, speaking and training career for the cause. Ajay decided to provide the necessary support while continuing to be engaged with his professional career. Thus, began the journey of DRZYASHAKTI.

We touched the lives of hundreds of differently-abled and abled-people in the last one year – Trained and provided platform to over hundred differently-abled artists and achievers to showcase their talent, got them recognition and inspired hundreds of abled people whoнайти работу в саратове watched them perform incredible dance, music, acrobats and other art forms.

The journey of DRZYASHAKTI has just begun. We have taken a few baby steps towards fulfilling its vision. Robert Frost said, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

Our Trustees

Ms. Geeta Poduval
Founder Trustee
Mr. Ajay Kumar
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